Finally Got a Blackberry 8900

After hesitating for a whole month (or even longer?), I finally bought a Blackberry Curve 8900 for myself!

Blackberry 8900

I have to say 8900 attracted me deeply from the first sight, though it doesn’t have touch screen or 3G support. It has all functions I care and a just-my-type shape. I like full QWERTY keyboard and want WIFI/GPS both enabled machine. The system/software style of blackberry is also fitting my appetite :) Some article used the word “sexy” on this phone, I strongly agree.

After some basic configuration, my first work on this baby is to install a bunch of Google softwares. Google Sync make my contacts stored in the “Clouds”, and the 3 calendars (Google/Outlook/Blackberry) can finally be syncronized seamlessly with the help of Google Calendar Sync. Google Talk is surely another must-install software for me. It’s very late now but I still have a long list of software that I want to give them a try: twitter, rememberthemilk, DianXun Chinese input method, and so on…. Let’s do it tomorrow~


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