Getting a Taste of Blackberry 8900

My Blackberry has been staying in my hands for a few days. Playing with numerous software on it brought me a lot of fun. Some software rock and some other suck. I’ll sum it up here. In a word, 8900 is awesome!

  • Google Sync: this is the No. 1 reason I want a smart cellphone, now my contacts dwell in Google Contacts and my calendar are synced among GCalendar/Outlook/Blackberry. I can update cellphone number of a friend on the web and it will be automatically updated to my phone. And by sharing the calendar to my close friend,  they can “book” me an appointment which will magically appear on my Blackberry calendar, very cool :)
  • Built-in tasks and memos: simple and useful.
  • GMail: since my main mailbox is GMail, this software enables me to do any necessary things about email.
  • Yatca: for twitter. I tried TwitterBerry, and found Yatca cooler and better for a light twitter user such as me.
  • BerryDict: having a dict in pocket is good.
  • BBWeather: I like, so I like this tool.
  • Instango: enables me to use gtalk over GPRS network.
  • GReader: actually just a webpage in browser, no need to tell how great it is.
  • DianXun Input: a much better Chinese input method than built-in one. At first it looks troublesome to enter and quit DXInput, but after mapping DXNotepad to the application key, the process becomes acceptable: “Call DXNotepad => Input Chinese => Quit DXNotepad => Paste”, hmm, hope it could be even easier.
  • MiniMonitor: used it to monitor GPRS usage
  • Built-in autotext is convenient. When I input “mymail” and space almost anywhere, it will be converted to my mail address automatically.
  • Camera of 8900 is very nice, however I’m not getting used to taking photos with cellphone yet  ;)

Besides software and functions, I’m pretty satisified with the workmanship and user experience of 8900. The size is perfect for my hand and the screen is very nice. The trackball is surprisingly comfortable and looks very beautiful. So it is very attractive to hold and play with it, sometimes I prefer to use GReader on it while leaving my laptop aside…


  1. i really love this Blackberry because of its functionality and design.. this is a very cool electronic gadget for staying in touch with your friends and family member.

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