Updated BlackBerry 8900 to OS

Before I bought the Blackberry I heard a real BB fan should addict to updating the operating system of BB. From the news/blogs about BB I also noticed new version OSs are officially released or unofficially leaked very often. However my 8900 came to my hands with a very new OS version ( so I didn’t feel very motivated to update it until yesterday.

The weird network broken problem on 8900 had been annoying me very much these days : GPRS/EDGE network connection broke periodically (once 1 day or even more often), the only way to recover the connection is to restart the machine. This is ridiculous! I searched a lot and asked the seller but got no convincing answer.  Yesterday I decided to update the OS to see if this problem would be fixed.

The updating procedure is kinda straightforward with BB 8900 and Desktop Manager 4.7. 1. Download an updating package (.exe) and intall it; 2. Rename/remove the file “c:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\AppLoader\Vendor.xml” (maybe because the downloaded package usually doesn’t match the vendor of the machine); 3. Open the Desktop Manager, it will automatically scan the system update and prompt you to update. It costs quite a few minutes (5-10 mintues on 8900) to backup personal files, updating system files and restore personal files. After it’s finished, I’ve got a new OS with most configuration unchanged, though most application settings and a few system configurations are lost…

The OS has not much difference with 144, actually I didn’t feel any except the network broken problem seems improved now :) I only got it once after taking subway. 5.0 OS has been leaked online, with a lot of new features. I guess I’ll update my BB again when a good 5.0 OS is available.

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  1. You people at the blackberry are doing a wonderful job, meeting all the expectations and winning all the challenges. BRAVO 2 all of you.

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