Dig Blackberry’s Power Out

I’ve been using Blackberry 8900 for over a month, and the software list on it is becoming stable. It’s such a wonderful experience to have my fingers on its keyboard that I think the word “comfortable” is far from enough, it should be “PERFECT”!

Days ago I wrote a post to introduce the software I was using at that time. Most of them are still serving me well while a few of them have been replaced or removed. Here goes a new list as a supplement of the last post:

  • BBDict: though it is difficult to find and setup it, BBDict is definitely the best Dictionary software on Blackberry. Very flexible and very fast! With an oxford dictionary, BBDict surpasses BerryDict a lot. Now my right convenience key is set to BBDict. (Left convenience key is for Dian Xun Input).
  • iSms: an easy tool for people who send SMS often.
  • PodTrapper: a podcast software, it can download podcast over wifi automatically and save to SDCard; it can play the podcast while displaying the text; it updates often and responses fast to users’ feedback. I probably will pay for this nice tool.
  • Opera Mini: a good complement of built-in browser, especially when I have to browse the web over GPRS/EDGE. (there is no “8900 version” Opera Mini for now, 8800 version works just well.)
  • KeyMaster: I’m a shortcut key lover, this software enables me to launch any software by pressing 2 keys at most.
  • SplashMoney: I was always interested in logging my cash flow, and decided to begin logging as long as I have a good cellphone. After getting 8900 I searched a long time then discovered SplashMoney. It’s very powerful and professional (multi accounts; budgets; reports; PC client; sync between mobile and PC), but not free. However I got a register key somewhere….
  • MobiPocket Reader: a famous e-book reading software on BB. It can convert a lot formats(including .pdf) to its own .prc file, however the the converting result file doesn’t always look good. There are plenty of .prc books floating around the web, most of them are novels.
  • Jad Builder: a very useful small tool to install software which only has  a .cod file.
  • China Google Maps: nice and professional, with several attractive features, probably the best choice for BB users in China. I uninstalled  乐图 GPS map after trying it for a while because the user experience of it on 8900 really sucks.
  • GPSed for BlackBerry: a GPS tool for recording GPS track, worth a play when going outside. It looks very cool to use GPS track to locate the pictures ;)

I’ve listed almost all softwares which are staying in my 8900 right now. Today I also updated the OS to 4.61.23. It’s said the annoying network broken problem is finally resolved, haha

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