2 Great WordPress Plugins

I haven’t played with WP plugins for a long time because I had been very comfortable with my plugin suite :) Yesterday I did a little search to see if there are new exciting plugins out which suit my taste, and found 2!

  • GoldenGate: if you uses PicasaWeb and often inserts photos from there to WP posts, like me, you must know how painful it is to get the PicasaWeb photo URL out. This plugin makes it a breeze~ Actually I found it several months ago but at that time I failed to get it worked because of some PHP memory limit problem. This time it works somehow :) Give it a try if you uses PicasaWeb.
  • Yet Another Related Posts Plugin: I began to look for a good “related posts” plugin from the first day I started this blog. Though there are quite a few choices, no one really rocks. Some “powerful” plugins try to analyze post content and calculate the similarity, but they won’t work for Chinese. So I finally used a “full manual” plugin named “Terong Related Links“. Speaking frankly that plugin isn’t interesting at all and the author doesn’t seem to maintain it any more. This time with one or two google searching I found this post, which compared a few related posts plugins and selected YARPP out. Just by looking at the options I know this is exactly the plugin I want. YARPP leverages the category and tag information, which are what bloggers actually use to organize posts!

Still tweaking them, so much fun to play with WP~


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  2. I’m trying to tweak GoldenGate a bit to insert 400px photo by default and fill in the caption/title as well as the alternate txt. Will install this plugin to your blog after finishing my tweaking :)

    I know I know, I’m indeed a nerd compared to you, hah

  3. GoldenGate sounds interesting, but I don’t know how it works!!! :(

    BTW: Have I told you this before, you are such a nerd!! :P

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