New Year Resolution of 2010

I learned the phrase “new year resolution” from a few bloggers this year, haha

Dig out my 2009 resolutions on Twitter. Here are the results

  • A long travel. (Didn’t make it… I planned to XinJiang, then YunNan, then stayed at home…)
  • Be slimmer. (I achieved this beyond my own expectation… lost over 10 kilograms and kept stable for months! Atkins way rocks!)
  • Buy an Android phone. (This is easy but I bought a BlackBerry 8900 instead, which still makes me satisfied.)

BTW: it is quite difficult to find old tweets on Twitter official site. By a little searching I found this site useful.

So how about 2010?

  • Some achievements on career development.
  • Read a few good books.
  • Begin a personal project.
  • A long travel, again. I have to make it this year!


  1. Happy new year, little wei wei. :)

    Q小某目前最想要的就是Android phone, but I will wait a little longer to get him a good one.

    As for 2010, aren’t you getting married? *^_~*

    1. @luna There are always new Android phones in the pipeline, so don’t need to wait too long, lol. Marry in 2010? I guess not, it’s xw’s 本命年

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