Get up late…

This morning is miserable. As my cellphone battery ran out and the charger was left on riki’s car, I had to use computer for morning alarm. But I tuned the volume too low before going to bed….. That lead to my getting up late and a hurry walk to the corporation. 3 miles isn’t a short way, especially when you have to run in the occasional shower with an umbrella and a lunch box in your hands …
I closed the small light which keeps shining in my room during the night before 2 days, then slept quite well these 2 nights. So I’m sure the jet lag isn’t a problem at all now, and the small light is the reason I woke up. That’s great.

It seems I will have to cook lunch for myself often, in weekdays.. It nearly takes the whole evening from me, because as long as I think about it, I feel lazy and don’t want to move….. The first pot of rice served me 3 times, two with the cucumber and eggs, the remaining rice was “CHAO”ed with eggs and shrimps by me, for today’s lunch. I am progressing as a chef….or in other words, a house wife……

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  1. a house wife? LOL~ you are so funny! You know what? Girls like guys who can cook. So keep it up the good work. Soon you will be able to impress your beautiful gf. haha~

    3 miles of walking? wow.. that’s a long way… you need to drive. We, Southerners, drive to mailboxes!! LOL~