Things I want to buy, a WISHLIST?

It is the rest time after lunch now :P I have wandered a while and sit back.
So I write something down to spend the time, hah
1. Nintendo Wii with the Game Zelda Twilight
2. A digital camera. There are so many sights I saw and wanted to take as pictures these days
3. A bike. It’s already in the Walmart and waiting for me to pick :D
4. A comb….and some other groceries, not worth mentioning.

Maybe buy the camera first then the hard-to-find Wii, though I want the latter more.

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  1. Go to the shop for a digital camera that you like, then come back to purchase it online. It’s much cheap that way.

    If you get a Wii, I am going to buy it with you. LOL~

    bike will be needed for that 3 miles… LOL~

    A comb… @_@…. don’t need to mention it at all!!! Shouldn’t be on ur WISHING list!! LOL~