A spending-money-weekend

On Sat morning, ordered a Canon SD900 on Amazon. Yesterday I saw SD1000 in BestBuy. It’s ugly…..Thank Luna telling me not to buy that. :D

I haven’t written something about my stupid bid of Wii on eBay…. That’s really stupid… Last Sunday (one week ago) maybe I desired a Wii too much to think clearly, in other words, I was dizzy at that time. So I placed bid on a large Wii bundle which would end listing in one minute…..And I won that -_- Holy shit. It was expensive and I didn’t want to pay such a price. So I wrote email to the seller to negotiate, and he agreed to sell me less accessories for a lower price.
I reproached myself very much for placing bid so unconsciously, and I would think myself guilty if I didn’t buy that. So I agreed. But in the next week, my bank account was frozen for "New User Relationship" -_- , so I didn’t have money to pay him, though actually I wanted to sent out the money every minute -_- My account was unfrozen on Saturday, but post office closed on weekends-_- Until yesterday, he emailed me, said his Wii was selling a better price on eBay, and said "Why not you sent me 20$ for the relist fee and we mutually withdraw this transaction". OK, that’s the best way for me, for my loss is least.
So I sent out a 20$ money order this morning. My first stupid eBay tour ended…

Then I won’t get a Wii? No :P I watched mitbbs for some time, and I found there are some people there  bought a lot of Wii for profits. They are quite able and experienced to find the Wii…I don’t know how they did that. But I think maybe some of them can sell one to me ^_^
So I posted and mailed a guy who announced owning a bunch of Wii. And soon he replied me and sold me one~ at a very low price, just the same as buying it on store~~ I was so happy and paid him by google checkout at once. Then I can expect my console arriving this Sat :)))

Just now I logged onto mitbbs, and I found there are some posts following my asking-who-sells-Wii post. The one who sold my Wii replied, too. And…………..he took me for a girl !!!! Shit….. This is not the first time someone took me for a girl on BBS…..Am I talking like a girl on BBS? Or "broom" is a girl name? AAAAA
Anyway, wait for my Wii, hoho. I’ve bought a remote controller and the game Zelda from walmart :PPP

So this weekend I spent about seven hundreds dollars -____- It approximates my first time house allowance…However, my wish list, camera and Wii, are both fulfilled~~~~


  1. For the Wii system I paid

    250(origin price)+2x.xx(tax)+about 10(shipping fee)=285

    This is a standard Wii system, includeing Wii console, the game Wii Sports and one controller (remote+nunchuk) and some other accessories.

    I bought an additional remote controller (39$) and Zelda(49$) in walmart. If you buy, I think an additional remote controller is worth, it permits 2 people playing tennis/bowling/baseball/golf games together. Zelda isn’t that necessary, it’s for me – an old gamer~

    A big problem is Wii is hard to get here. Every shop is out of stock. It differs by area, maybe you can find some in your city. It is said that Target, bestbuy, toysrus are some places easier to find a Wii.

  2. How much did you pay for the machine? When you get your wii, let me know how it is. I am thinking about getting one for someone.



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