All things broken….

By the way, all my things are broken in Oregen…..
The camera can’t focus well. I examined it and found its lens couldn’t close completely…… I’ll call Canon after returning home.
One of WIi remote controllers didn’t work…
The toy "iCat", I brought for the daughters of my brother as gift, doesn’t work either….
Considering the two helmets I bought from Walmart which both can’t fit my big head…I will spend a day exclusively to deal with these things!!!

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  1. Mailed DC to Canon for repairing..

    Returned iCat and got refunded..

    Made Wii remote controller working by hitting it with hand..

    Leave the helmets alone in my closet…

  2. actually it might be the cold weather. DC在太热或太冷的地方是不能够正常对焦的。 这是正常情况。 你可以会CA后在试试。

    至于其他的尤其是你的头盔我就不敢说话了。 嘿嘿~