Watched a Show in SF

It’s called “Mortified”, the official website is here

About “what is ‘mortified'”, you can check the introduction on the website above. As I saw, it can be described as some persons read their diaries in around twelve-years-old. These diaries are claimed 100% TRUE, that’s the most interest point. “No language is ever added, invented or rewritten within the existing text.” And the content of the stories were really a shock to me, which covered dating, sex, gay, masturbation…… unbelievable from 12-years-old children’s diary…BTW: The gay guy is SUCH gay-like.

Of course another watchable point of this show is, as written on the website, the weird and cathartic process. En…because actually I didn’t listen all things clearly, I won’t write about this.

The show was held in a small bar, over 200 audiences were there, hot and crazy. Players just sit among audiences, who are all very stylish and expressive. Although the content of stories is a little difficult to accept, I have to admit it’s a good show.

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