My Cousin Got Divorced…

Who is not the cousin in Oregon state, but the guy 3 years younger than me, my mother’s brother’s son, living in LinQing, ShanDong, China.

He wasn’t studying well when in school, so quit early before high school and joined army. After back from army in about 2003, he couldn’t find a stable job for several years.

Around the 2005-2006 spring festival, he married with a girl 3 years elder than him. I met that girl once when I was back to LinQing. She looked good and mellow, especially when comparing to my young cousin. I thought my cousin was lucky to find such a girl as wife.

Several days ago my grandma passed away in LinQing. My mother went there for funeral. Now my mother had returned home, and told me my cousin got divorced with the girl, even not telling the family at first. It was revealed during the funeral, when everyone felt more and more weird that the girl didn’t appear. It’s so sad.. He just found a somewhat better job, but he escaped from work for some days after the funeral, not staying at home either.

I don’t know how to comment this. Just now I found him on QQ and talked with him for a few lines. I could only encourage him to work hard and move on.

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