Post Levels and Terong Related Links conflict

Just now I found there are some conflicts between Post Levels and Terong Related Links . Though I don’t think too many people are using these two plugins together, I decided to write it down.

Actually a filter function called “postlevels_query” in Post Levels is very tricky and buggy, the comment of that function claims that “This is almost guaranteed to break some day”. It does some string replacements for SQL query, which is really dangerous….

Some SQL query strings from Terong use “p” as an alias of the table $wpdb->posts, so the hacks of Post Levels failed…

I changed some codes in Terong Related Links, now it works. You can download it here – Terong Related Posts changed by Wei Wei

This conflict is no one’s fault….en


  1. I’m using it on this blog, WP 2.1.3. I don’t have a WP 2.2 to test it.
    You’re welcome to try it and tell me if there are any errors.

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