I’m going back to China so some shopping is necessary, for gifts of family and friends.

I have bought some stuff online, including ginsengs, some skin care agents from The Body Shop, and the Thinkpad. And I have got some small gifts here, which I bought passingly during travels. However, it’s far less than enough. My girlfriend gave me a small list with several make-ups on it, and more gifts are needed for some guys as I thought over.

So yesterday Xumin, the nice PHD sister, took me to do shopping. First we visited Stanford Shopping Center, which is a very nice large mall with beautiful streets and lots of good shops, in Stanford campus. At Macy’s we got a kind of cream of “ORIGINS” brand on my gf’s list, and a bottle of “Acqua Di Gio” fragrance a friend asked me to bring. Then I chose some chocolates mixing boxes in Godiva Chocolatier. There is an interesting shop called Sephora, in which you can smell numerous different brands of fragrance. And in Kiehl’s we bough some lip balms, said to be a kind of famous product of this company.

Our next stop is Gilroy Premium Outlet. After driving south for 40 minutes, a huge outlet appeared. So many people are shopping here, looks like in China :) Here I had a happy time because I bought some stuff for myself, haha. Surely there are some cosmetics outlet shops , but I didn’t find what I want in them. Let me count stuff I bought here: a Levi’s jeans pant for 20$, two Reebok sport shoes (for 70$ :D I finally finished my history with only one pair of shoes!!!), and a 4$ GAP Tee….

OK, this is my shopping trip. Though it couldn’t compare with some women’s shopping trophy, it still made me very very tired but happy :P


  1. I love outlets, too! Because of the Reebok shoes, haha
    I found I enjoyed adding this links, I guess you did, too
    en..a little sad now

  2. I use ORIGINS lotion too. Did you like the outlet mall? hehe… I love outlet malls around here.

    Buying gifts for ppl in China can be a headache sometimes. I am sure you know what I am talking about…

    I think it’s my time to make fun of you la~~ tag all the stuff you got… LOL~

    Great job though!!! and I miss you already… :(

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