Exchanged Creative Zen Stone

My pretty little MP3 player – Creative Zen Stone – refused to work after the trip to Santa Cruz and half moon bay last weekend, probably because some sea water entered this poor thing. It’s sad :(

However, I heard shops in US are nice to customers and it’s easy to return things. So I went to Fry’s today, tried to return or exchange it. To my surprise, after looking at the receipt and serial number, the clerk accepted it directly and quickly, without any other questions. I felt a little guilty because I claimed this MP3 stopped to work by itself, so I didn’t ask for refund but exchange for a new one. I was satisfied with this type of MP3.

Xumin said she returned a lot of things in US. It’s really comfortable to do shopping here.


  1. I purchased a zen MP3 player and I cannot get any help from
    Creative. I have e-mail then about the problem. They have not
    acknowledge my e-mail. I will never purchase another Creative
    product again.


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