Just Finished My Ending Presentation

Tomorrow is my last day in Bosch RTC. Feel a little empty and sad now.

Take the “Acknowledgments” paragraph from my slides

Thank Yao for recruiting, instructing and caring me. Miss her so much.
Thank Jens for advising me, bringing us the board and precious information, and debugging with me :)

Thank Liu for giving me a lot of helps. You are like a big brother.
Thank all friends. You gave me such a wonderful time here. I’ll remember you guys forever!

I’ll continue to write documentation.

Probably I would reschedule my air ticket to the end of August, and do a long travel with a German intern and a friend of hers. She will also finish her internship this week. The draft plan is Yosemite – Mammoth Lack – Death Valley – Grand Canyon – Bryce Canyon – Great Salt Lake – Yellowstone. We will start from next Friday, maybe spend two weeks to travel all these places around.

Travel Draft Plan

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  1. germans are nice. i had a good time with them before :D
    the trip won’t be uncomfortable for you, as two gals (i guess?) will be driving, hehe

  2. Road trips can be fun if you are with the right people… :) It will be fun. Take your chance and explore the wilderness la~ ^__~

  3. why do you put a question mark after thanking jens ah? Are you questioning his advising and debugging???hahaha~~~

  4. o..I didn’t find her army suit photo…
    I’m a little bit nervous about the Yosemite trip this time, because the hiking plan sounds very crazy… We’ll hike four miles trial in the first day, camping in wilderness, then hike several miles and the notorious half dome cable trial in the second day…
    I will travel all by car this time, and I can’t drive -_- I guess traveling by air would be much more comfortable

  5. I guess you are not celebrating your gf’s b-day with her anymore. This road trip sounds so exciting. Yosemite is beautiful!! You will really enjoy it. I haven’t been to yellow stone. I am sure you will have a great time there. Really envy right now. Wish I could go along. I am actually looking at the tickets on airtran.com right now. They have special online deal until tomorrow midnight from ATL to most of big cities around the US. I am thinking about going somewhere myself in Sept. :)

    Don’t be sad. Mother Earth is around and small. You will have chances to see everyone again. :)