HD Tune – A Good Small Tool for Hard Disk

The official site is http://www.hdtune.com. By the way,  I doubt this site is blocked by GFW…

I’m trying to sell my old notebook recently. Today somebody tested my hard disk with hd tune, and  found it was working very slowly… The data transfer rate is only 2-3MB/s. After a short time we discovered that the DMA of the primay IDE channel wasn’t working…. This has been included in the FAQ of hd tune. I just can’t believe I had been using such a slow hard disk for  so long a time, and never noticed that!

The FAQ of on the hd tune site describes the symptom and gives out some common solutions. At first I guess it’s because I didn’t install the correct main board driver or something, but actually the problem was solved just by *UNINSTALLING* the device “Primary IDE Channel” in device manager. Windows XP found the device again and installed the driver again, then the data transfer rate came back to a normal level.

And there is some bad news: after a slow scan, hd tune says there are some bad areas on my hard disk :(  So I probably shouldn’t sell it. In another way this is good, because I moved to the new computer before accidents happening on my old hard disk.

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