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Get-Recent-Comments is a great plugin for WordPress. It enables you to display comments in the sidebar with various ways. You can choose to display the comment author, comment excerpt, post title and a lot of other parts with your customized formats.

However, there were some problems when I tried to display my post excerpts by it. Some Chinese characters were messed, showed as a black square with a question mark in the center. Fortunately, sunshow has given out a patched version, which can deal with unicode characters correctly.

A tiny question about the sunshow version is that it inserts “wbr” tag sometimes to prevent a too long line spoiling the page layout. This is a good idea but “wbr” is not a standard tag, so my page can’t pass W3C validation with it -_- Then I opened the file “get-recent-comments.php”, replaced all “wbr” with a blankspace. Now everything goes well.

The version I’m using –

WordPress 2.3 and higher version may need to use another version, please check the links above for detail

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