I hate to use SQL….

campaign.campaign_type='TEMPLATE' or
  (select count(*) from salesperson_assignment where
    salesperson_assignment.user_id = :user_id and
      (salesperson_assignment.value_type = 'CAMPAIGN' and campaign.id = salesperson_assignment.value_id)
        salesperson_assignment.value_type = 'ADVERTISER' and salesperson_assignment.perm_scope = 'FULL' and
        campaign.advertiser_id = salesperson_assignment.value_id
        salesperson_assignment.value_type = 'AGENCY' and salesperson_assignment.perm_scope = 'FULL' and
        (select agency_id from advertiser a where a.id = campaign.advertiser_id LIMIT 1) = 
  ) > 0



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  1. 就事论事来说,orm和sql复杂度是一样的,我假设你关注数据本身,当然写法会更elegant,而不是关注数据的availabiltiy,对declarative的语言,不能要求太多。

  2. 这条还好啦,都是bool判断的组合而已,逻辑不算复杂,只不过每个域都很长,拼起来ms比较难看而已。最恶心的sql应该是内嵌sql+表连接,又绕又难看,倒是可以出很多智力题。

  3. It’s not intuitive at all, hard to read and understand. I doubt even myself wouldn’t understand this SQL at the first glance after several weeks. But sub select has to be used sometimes…

  4. erm.. i think its poor format to have select statement inside your where clause..

    i learned that the hard way when i crashed my server working at bmo with a 200line query filled with select statements inside my where clauses for filtering purposes on the webpage..

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