Send Riki off | Karaoke Like Crazy

Riki, the lawyer, flied to New York last Saturday. He came back to China really often, almost every half a year.

This time he arrived in Beijing in Dec 22th, stayed 1 day before going back to home. We went to Cashbox for Karaoke on that day. I’ve to say he was very thirsty after living in US, the desert of Karaoke for only several months, lol. Apparently he practiced some songs and were eager to show to us. He said he found and listened to pop songs mostly on Youtube now, because in US it’s not as easy as in Tsinghua to download well organized MP3 songs. So he sang some old songs of Jacky Cheung and Ge Cao. I’ve never heard most of these songs, but riki always sings best of the best, yeah!

After spending 2 weeks of boring(I guess) days at home, he went back to Beijing for getting visa and returning to US. He lived at my dorm for five days. It was a happy time, but pitifully I had to go to work everyday. So we could only play together at night. Every night he sit on my bed and used his laptop happily until very late, though I had laid down on the bed and tried to sleep. We played games on Wii several times, Mario Party and Rayman Rabbits 2 brought us a lot of fun. But sometimes when litmon and I asked him to play together, he insisted to chat with some girl online :P Alright, I’ll give him my best wishes about that.

We went to Karaoke again, on Monday. But the last night he was here, that Friday, at around 10PM, he started to play music loudly and sing, indirectly conveyed us his desire to Karaoke. After 10 minutes or so, he said it out directly… OK, then we organized the 3RD Karaoke, to send him off!! We sang some songs of Sodagreen, my recent favorite band. We collaborated very well when singing XiaoQingGe, LOL


  1. 给叔叔和阿姨:小伟日记的大意是讲他最近一段时间工作很忙碌但是非常愉快和顺利….

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