Into the Wild

Watched the film named “Into the Wild” just now. I got to know this film because Luna introduced it. After that I was keeping waiting for the DVDRIP and finally got it today.

The story is simple but very touching, and it’s from real story. The “hero” chose to be a tramper after graduated from college, donated all money to charity, threw away all credit cards and identifications, disappeared from his family and friends. He wandered around for 2 years, and finally went into Alaska, the real wild.

At first the man’s travelling experiences attracted me because it reminded me of my travelling days in US, north California, Colorado river, Grand Canyon… However, thre really touching thing is the man’s choice, which was driving me to think from the very beginning to the end. I guess “into the wild” is a kind of dream in a lot of people’s hearts, but few could accomplish that. The man in the film achieved that. Then I couldn’t help asking myself, “is it correct?”, “is it worth it?”, or “is it responsible for families and other ppl?”, “how should we treat the society?”. The film doesn’t give any answer, just showes a lot of real facts and drives audiences to think about that.

I have to admire and show my respect to the man in real story, Christopher Johnson McCandless. He is a very very brave man.

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  1. Yep, it’s definitely a movie makes ppl think about the meaning of life. I am glad you enjoyed it… :)