Engineer Life

Yes, I admit I didn’t update my blog often in the past 2 months, because I started to WORK, as an Engineer, not as an intern! lol

The working days are very different as school days. In college I’ve been used to have a bunch of stuff on my waiting list, I could do it anytime in a day I want, as long as finishing it before the deadline. So a common pattern is getting up very late, spending daytime on nothing, and staying up to late night for working. I could play games with my friends anytime, in the afternoon or in the evening. I could go to the zoo at weekdays, to avoid crowds at weekends. I could go to Karaoke overnight on almost any day I want. So it is free, but it is unefficient actually.

Working days are very different. I don’t need to describe more, just the opposite of things above. :P My status can be summarized as “Busy Day and Lazy Evening”. Hmmm. Whatever, I felt passion during working, that’s good. I think I should find something more “day day up” to do after work, instead of just watching movies and playing games. lol. I’ll begin to do fitness after returning from the spring festival holidays, with litmon. That will be fun :)


  1. try to learn something thats totally diff with work..
    ie. baking =P

    i make a cheesecake last weekend and it was very yummy.. im proud of myself.. cheesecakes are usually quite hard to make in the realm of baking =D

  2. Workforce is very different from student’s life. You need to manage time well, otherwise, nothing will get done and you won’t even have a personal life. That’s how I feel these days… sigh~

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