Got Some Donation for Live Space Mover…

The 3-days Qing Ming holiday was just gone. At the first day(or the second day), I received an email reporting that my Live Space Mover has some problems. Actually I’ve been used to this kind of reports, usually it’s due to the updates of Live Space itself, however this time it’s because of a small mistake I made in last version. I fixed it quickly and committed the patched version. During the email conversation with the reporter I found this guy, Herb, is working for Microsoft. Ha, it’s pretty interesting, isn’t it ;P

To my surprise,  a little while later, I got some donation from him, 20 dollars! Oh… it really made me feel good and proud :P This is the 2nd donation I got for this script, the first one is from Mattia, an Italian guy I think. Hmmm, this worths a blog post to memory :) Thank all generous donators and nice bug-reporters, you inspired me to keep this script alive~

PS: The paypal button broke again this time -_- Could anyone tell me the reason? Do I need to update the donation button periodically, or it will expire?


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