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The former blog was banned by G…F…W from last Sunday, probably because of the news I copied about moonquake…

After knocking into the great wall for some times, I noticed it just banned the subdomain, the main domain and other blogs sharing my host are all OK. So, I created a new domain and moved my blog here. I know “b2” sounds silly, but this would remind me the ridiculous reason that I have to create this subdomain.

Another important update is I changed the feed. It was a headache to have several separated feeds (blog, google reader shared items, picasaweb,, etc.). I don’t want to tell my friends: “come on, subscribe all these feeds, just for me”. So this time I aggregated them together and gave them a cool subdomain name, lol. OK, please subscribe to follow all updates about me :P The aggregation work is done by a small php file borrowed from here and the php lib SimplePie. I tweaked the source file a little.

OK, one more time, please visit my blog on until the great wall gives me a break. And subscribe the cool ~


  1. To fishy: why so many ppl have this thought??!!!

    To Philip: Thank you very much. has been banned for a long time…. yes I suggest you to subscribe my new feed ( instead of the original blog feed (, because the former has more contents. This blog is hosted in US, so you won’t have the “Wall problem” if you’re not in China either.

  2. I’ve also had some run-ins with the GFW lately as I moved to hosting. Those of us who aren’t in China, should we also change the feed to I see you have some kind of redirection in place, is manual intervention necessary?

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