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Faye Wang showed up and sang a song “但愿人长久” in the charity event held by CCTV several days ago. Though there are a lot of rumors about her comeback, that still made me very excited to watch her really singing after these years. I became a big fan of her about ten years ago. She was already the Queen of Chinese pop music with no doubt at that time, and was very very popular for many years. I can still remember the cover of a magazine, there was a big photo of Faye and a headline – “花开不败到几时“, hah. That was exactly what ppl were talking about, “why can Faye be popular for so long time?” and “when will she quit?”

Then I was listening some albums of her these days. That brought me a fantastic feeling, just like tracing back in the river of time. I could remember a lot of scenarios very clearly like they were happening just before my eyes: me sitting in the high school classroom and listening “只爱陌生人” with my walkman; riki singing “催眠” in cashbox with somebody; and so on. Music has some kind of magic. It etches in your brains in a very special way, separated but related with all other stuff. You could easily forget things and never be able to remember them again, but music can occur to you with lots of memory fragments rushing in together, even after many years.

It looks weird to blar blar about pop music and star, in my age, hah. Anyway I hope Faye would really come back and I will go to her show if possible :D


  1. Saw this song on youtube. Although she only did part of the song, but it was good to see her…

    have to say you are very xiao zi since you were a high school kid. hehe…

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