What E-mail Name to Choose on Your Own Domain

This is a question occured to me when I was suggesting a friend to apply a Google account and to use gtalk. At that time I realized there have been too many Google accounts so it’s very hard to find an ideal name, even for Chinese with 3 characters in name, lol.

AFAIK, another way to enjoy the wonderful GMail service but not need to bother with the name choosing problem is to use the Google App service. If you have your own domain name (e.g., yourdomain.com) and you enabled the Google App service on your domain, you can have email like this “abc@yourdomain.com”. That’s also cool, right?

Now comes my question, how to choose an E-mail name for yourself on your own domain? I talked this with riki several days ago, I’ll list some options here:

  • “yourname@yourdomain.com” : redundant if your domain IS your name already.
  • “me@yourdomain.com” : riki said this will make the one who is writing email to you feel weird, for feeling like writing email to himself.
  • “webmaster@yourdomain.com” : this stupid choice came from riki.
  • “yournameabbr@yourdomain.com” : e.g. “ww@weiwei9.com”
  • “boss@yourdomain.com” : I saw an email address of this style today, which drove me to write down this blog post.

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  1. I’ve got:

    (actually they are the same, the latter one is just an alias to the former one)

    today i registered fishy.me, and didn’t decide which email to use yet.