Google Nexus S Prize Puzzle #2

Today’s challenge (#2):

Puzzle Challenge #2: There is more than meets the eye at You’ll find the answer in a tweet.

Go to this page and view the page source, you’ll find an ASCII art of android robot at the end of the page. In this robot you’ll notice some 1 and 0, of course it contains some information.

The total count of 1 and 0 is 152, which can be divided exactly by 8, so it’s easy to guess every 8 1/0 form a binary ASCII code of a letter. Here is a single line of ruby code to decode them:

>> n
=> "01101000011101000111010001110000001110100010111100101111011001110110111101101111001011100110011101101100001011110110101001010000010011110100100101101100"
>> (0..18).map{|i| n[i*8..i*8+7].to_i(2).chr}.join('')
=> ""

Well, go to this URL, it is a letter unscrambling mini game again. Solve it and tweet it. That’s it.

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