Google Nexus S Prize Puzzle #5

Today’s challenge is simply an image:

Puzzle Challenge #5:

There are 2 “obvious” clues in this puzzle:

  1. The number group like “50 50 47, 4 21 17” is latitude/longitude location, search it in google map to get a location. So we have 11 locations.
  2. The “.” and “/” hints this is a URL! The answer is actually “”, see the “.” and “/” in it?

So how on earth to get that URL?

List the countries of 11 locations, and find their domain name suffixes! Each of them is composed of 2 letters. The colored square indicates which letter we should choose. For example, the 1st location is in Belgium, whose domain name ends with “.be”. The colored square is the 1st one, so “B” is the 1st letter in URL.


I have to say this puzzle is totally over my head. I even don’t realize the numbers are Geo location at first. And “a picture speaks a thousand words” exactly describes this puzzle. There are so many misleading clues in this puzzle if you stuck there. I at least tried to analyze these things:

  • RGB code of each color (use DigitalColor Meter to pick color) and Hex code of them.
  • The colors are exactly colors of Google logo. And the first 5 letters exactly match “”, which is also a shorten URL service! Unfortunately this is not the way to go.
  • City names of the locations. The 10th is a place called “Christmas Island”. Very interesting and misleading, right?
  • Mark all locations in a “My Map” of Google Map, and see if they compose some logo or pattern. I even marked them with the colors in the puzzle image…

I’m a bit sad about today’s puzzle :(

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