At the End of 2010

It is always a sad thing for me to return to Beijing from US, to get back to the polluted air, uncivilized crowd and ridiculous gov. I guess that’s why I stopped blogging for a few weeks.

At the last night of 2010, I had a nice dinner with xw at Mosiaco, a Spanish restaurant in 世界城 mall. Entree there was overpriced, but tapas and dessert were wonderful, especially cheese cake, probably the best I’ve ever had in Beijing.

Then we played mhp3 for a few hours at home. Before that we peeked at the cinema and were shocked by the long queue…

I went over my resolutions of 2010, achieved 2 out of 4 items, not too bad. But I did need more schedules to get them done, lol.

  • “Some achievements on career development.” Yes. Got promoted to Sr. Engineer in the middle of the year.
  • “Read a few good books.” Not really. The only book I finished is “More Joel on Software”, good indeed and covered a lot of topics. “The Grand Design” is a good book, but I didn’t finish it yet. I’m not a good reader… I’ll write a game summary later.
  • “Begin a personal project.” No. An idea just won’t pop out from nowhere and it won’t become a project unless you push it (I should do that) or you really have a lot of spare time (for example, when I was doing some internship….).
  • “A long travel, again. I have to make it this year!” Yes. New York, twice.. Not pure personal trips, but I enjoyed them very much. And it’s long enough.

I’ll take a few days to think about resolutions for 2011. Happy new year, everyone!


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