Live Space Mover V1.7

This is another maintainence release because of the recent updates of live space. However the code changes are a little bit more than I expected, for the weird time format. Fortunately they stopped to use Ajax for paging comments, so I can get rid of some really magical/complicated/confusing lines.

In this version (and versions in the future, probably), there are some limitations for comments, including:

  1. can’t get the accurate time of comments, sometimes even incorrect;
  2. can’t get the email and url of comment authors.

These are both due to the ridiculous design of Live Space. If you have any idea about how to solve these 2 problems, please let me know.

Updated to WordPress 2.6

WordPress updated pretty fast

The main new feature of this version is a wiki-like revision management system.

Using Google Gears to accelerate client side loading seems a good idea.

And…the easter egg of WP 2.6 is funny… just edit one of your posts and compare the same revision….

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Blank Page on Publishing a Post Under WordPress

This problem happend on a friend’s WordPress blog, version 2.2.x. In detail, every time one tries to publish a new post, the “post.php” returns a blank page with status code 200 (success). And there are totally no error logs (http and php) about this. This weird problem was not resolved even after I updated the whole WordPress to the latest version (2.5.1).

After a long time digging, this thread on WP support form pointed out the exact reason. My friend’s WordPress blog was hacked by a security vulnerability of previous WordPress versions. When I checked the database with this sql

select * from wp_options where option_name = ‘active_plugin’

There is a record with option_value as “a:1:{s:5:./././././././././././././././././././././tmp/***”, *** is a file name.

I deleted this record and the post function went back well again.

So, it’s beneficial to keep up-to-date, for security reasons.