I’m going back to China so some shopping is necessary, for gifts of family and friends.

I have bought some stuff online, including ginsengs, some skin care agents from The Body Shop, and the Thinkpad. And I have got some small gifts here, which I bought passingly during travels. However, it’s far less than enough. My girlfriend gave me a small list with several make-ups on it, and more gifts are needed for some guys as I thought over.

So yesterday Xumin, the nice PHD sister, took me to do shopping. First we visited Stanford Shopping Center, which is a very nice large mall with beautiful streets and lots of good shops, in Stanford campus. At Macy’s we got a kind of cream of “ORIGINS” brand on my gf’s list, and a bottle of “Acqua Di Gio” fragrance a friend asked me to bring. Then I chose some chocolates mixing boxes in Godiva Chocolatier. There is an interesting shop called Sephora, in which you can smell numerous different brands of fragrance. And in Kiehl’s we bough some lip balms, said to be a kind of famous product of this company.

Our next stop is Gilroy Premium Outlet. After driving south for 40 minutes, a huge outlet appeared. So many people are shopping here, looks like in China :) Here I had a happy time because I bought some stuff for myself, haha. Surely there are some cosmetics outlet shops , but I didn’t find what I want in them. Let me count stuff I bought here: a Levi’s jeans pant for 20$, two Reebok sport shoes (for 70$ :D I finally finished my history with only one pair of shoes!!!), and a 4$ GAP Tee….

OK, this is my shopping trip. Though it couldn’t compare with some women’s shopping trophy, it still made me very very tired but happy :P



这次再游Yosemite就有经验多了,打算第一天开车到Glacier Point,然后走Panorama Trail,这条路经过三个瀑布和著名的Mist Trail。第二天去Mariposa Grove看大树,这条路被yosemiteexplore评为五星级,和Half Dome,Upper Yosemite Fall,Mist Trail并列,不知道为什么,去看看。

接下来几个周末都排上了,这周去Yosemite,下周去旧金山看Bay To Breakers,下下周Memorial Day Weekend,去洛杉矶。不错,hoho







B2C购物网站从Amazon,Walmart这样的巨头,到比较专门的各类网站比如卖电脑配件的newegg,卖户外用品的Rei,数量和质量上都比国内好不少。很多网站都做得很专业,提供查询信息和价格的web service接口。这也催生了一批比价网站。买一件商品之前找个比价网站查查,就会列出来很多网站对这件东西的报价,运费,税率,满实用的。




典型的格式是这样,某某MP3,网站上标价49.99,但是有30的 Rebate (所谓Rebate就是你买了之后把收据寄回去,那边就会寄这些钱给你,相当于一种打折,只不过是售后返钱),你再买一盒四毛钱的订书钉,凑够50,这个网站有一个优惠密码是买够50块钱的东西就可以免运费,你结帐的时候再输进去这个密码,就可以20块钱买到这个MP3——和一盒订书钉了……这么麻烦的折扣方法一般人恐怕不知道这些信息,也想不到这回事,还好那些打折网站都会明明白白的把这些方法写出来。

另外优惠券这个东西也挺荒诞的,凡是能网上购物的地方一般都会有个地方让你填优惠券号码。优惠券分成gift card和coupon两种,前者基本相当于现金,比如你想送某人50块钱的户外运动用品,又不知道他缺什么,那干脆买张Rei的gift card好了;后者则是各种小优惠,比如100免20,超过某金额则免费送货之类。比较搞笑的一点就是每个网站的coupon号码用google一搜就有一把。比如我有一次订个去机场的车,原价26,搜了一下搜到这家网站的一个20块免3块的coupon号码,填进去,就变成了23。真正体现了知识就是力量……




Camera arrived

Cool~ I like the style! Large LCD and metal skin and complex curves all around, haha
I’m going to Monterey Bay Aquarium this Saturday. It’s interesting that there is the "Aquarium" mode built in my camera.

A spending-money-weekend

On Sat morning, ordered a Canon SD900 on Amazon. Yesterday I saw SD1000 in BestBuy. It’s ugly…..Thank Luna telling me not to buy that. :D

I haven’t written something about my stupid bid of Wii on eBay…. That’s really stupid… Last Sunday (one week ago) maybe I desired a Wii too much to think clearly, in other words, I was dizzy at that time. So I placed bid on a large Wii bundle which would end listing in one minute…..And I won that -_- Holy shit. It was expensive and I didn’t want to pay such a price. So I wrote email to the seller to negotiate, and he agreed to sell me less accessories for a lower price.
I reproached myself very much for placing bid so unconsciously, and I would think myself guilty if I didn’t buy that. So I agreed. But in the next week, my bank account was frozen for "New User Relationship" -_- , so I didn’t have money to pay him, though actually I wanted to sent out the money every minute -_- My account was unfrozen on Saturday, but post office closed on weekends-_- Until yesterday, he emailed me, said his Wii was selling a better price on eBay, and said "Why not you sent me 20$ for the relist fee and we mutually withdraw this transaction". OK, that’s the best way for me, for my loss is least.
So I sent out a 20$ money order this morning. My first stupid eBay tour ended…

Then I won’t get a Wii? No :P I watched mitbbs for some time, and I found there are some people there  bought a lot of Wii for profits. They are quite able and experienced to find the Wii…I don’t know how they did that. But I think maybe some of them can sell one to me ^_^
So I posted and mailed a guy who announced owning a bunch of Wii. And soon he replied me and sold me one~ at a very low price, just the same as buying it on store~~ I was so happy and paid him by google checkout at once. Then I can expect my console arriving this Sat :)))

Just now I logged onto mitbbs, and I found there are some posts following my asking-who-sells-Wii post. The one who sold my Wii replied, too. And…………..he took me for a girl !!!! Shit….. This is not the first time someone took me for a girl on BBS…..Am I talking like a girl on BBS? Or "broom" is a girl name? AAAAA
Anyway, wait for my Wii, hoho. I’ve bought a remote controller and the game Zelda from walmart :PPP

So this weekend I spent about seven hundreds dollars -____- It approximates my first time house allowance…However, my wish list, camera and Wii, are both fulfilled~~~~