How to Draw Dashed Lines in Canvas

(I could finally finish this draft, after 4 months -_-) I’m a fun of JavaScript Canvas but I couldn’t believe it doesn’t support drawing dashed lines when this requirement occurs to me. After some investigating I found a good summary about why/how it doesn’t support dashed lines. What I actually do with canvas is to […]

Live Space Mover V1.7

This is another maintainence release because of the recent updates of live space. However the code changes are a little bit more than I expected, for the weird time format. Fortunately they stopped to use Ajax for paging comments, so I can get rid of some really magical/complicated/confusing lines. In this version (and versions in […]

Stupid Live Space!!!

我就不明白了,评论的时间只显示月日不显示时分秒是啥意思…… 而月份的表示,七月份是四个字母“July”,十一月就变成了三个字母的缩写加一个点儿“Nov.”,发指的是九月份居然是四个字母加一个点——“Sept.”…… 这真是癞蛤蟆跳脚背——不咬人恶心人…… 管Live Space的同学你们有那么闲吗??有吗???!

Memos on “Advanced YAML Fixtures” of RoR

YAML Fixtures in Rails 2.0 have some pretty cool features. One of them is “auto generated primary IDs”, and another cooler one is “Label references for associations (belongs_to, has_one, has_many)”. You can find explanations and examples of them in the link above. But there is a pitfall to notice: the second feature actually depends on […]

UltraEdit Regular Expression Replace

I always forgot this and always looked for it in the help docs and never got it until searching by google….. So keep it here as memo For UltraEdit, choose “Perl” style regular expression, and use $0, $1, $2 to indicate the matching groups For text “abcdef”, search “(abc)(def)” and replace with “$0, $1, $2”, […]