How to Setup Flash Media Server 4 for Recording

It is a common seen requirement to use Flash to record audio from browser, like the famous singing search site midomi. These days I did a little survey about this, write down some memo here.

There are a lot of resources introducing how to program in ActionScript to send video/audio stream via RTMP protocol. One particular page I found very useful is this. It gives you out-of-box sample application and full source codes, also with complete related JavaScript sample codes. However the author seems using Red5 server, which I found not maintained as well as FMS(Flash Media Server). Here are some steps to setup FMS4 to work:

  1. Download FMS4 and install it. An Adobe member account is required. I used Windows version.
  2. Open FMS start page and play with it, default location. Test if video streaming is working.
  3. Open FMS admin console and play with it, default location. Here you can view active connections to the server and log.
  4. Replace the application “live” with an unsigned version: backup all contents under path \applications\live\, then delete them; copy all contents under path \samples\applications\live\ to \applications\live. This is based on instructions in \applications\live\readme.txt.
  5. Open \conf\fms.ini, change the line starting with “LIVE_DIR” to
    # LIVE_DIR = C:\Program Files\Adobe\Flash Media Server 4\applications\live
    LIVE_DIR = C:\Program Files\Adobe\Flash Media Server 4\webroot\live_recorded
  6. Restart FMS4 service: run “Stop Adobe FMS4” then “Start Adobe FMS4” in start shortcut group of FMS4.
  7. Open the demo page mentioned above on the FMS4 machine. Use the “Want to test your Red5 install?” part to test your own FMS setup. Fill in “rtmp://localhost/live” and click “Load” button. It should be able to record and play, the file should be saved under \webroot\live_recorded\ as an .flv file.

FireSheep – Stay Away from Unencrypted Wifi


在Snow Leopard上使用非常简单,作为Firefox插件安装,重启之后输入一次管理员密码。打开Sidebar,点一下Start Capturing。不用几分钟就会拿到一堆登陆信息了……Facebook的居多,也有google,windows live和Yahoo的。

可以看到还有我的google帐号-_- 我看了一下发现是google search没有用https。那些显示出来的Facebook帐号点一下就直接以他人身份登陆了,虽然拿不到实际密码。Google的稍微好一点,能以他人身份登陆搜索界面,但是进GMail什么的还是要再输密码的。嗯,我都是验证能登陆就算了,没有去看别人的隐私信息的……



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Live Space to WordPress, officially…

The breaking news for me this morning is Microsoft officially announced they will give up Live Space service and allow all users migrating to This is so good, for human beings.

And my small tool Live Space Mover will probably accomplish his mission after serving for 3 years. I wrote this script when I worked as an intern in Bosch RTC in 2007, for moving my own blog posts to WordPress. Since then I maintained it at times, when receiving emails from users around the world. Most updates were catching up with Live Space upgrade, while some are just bug fixing. Several nice people sent me donations, which were the best times I’ve ever had. The largest donation(20$) came from a man using an “” email ;)

The small script experienced a few significant changes in its not long life. The first change is from directly publishing posts to destination blog via MetaWeblog API to exporting XML for user to import by himself. This leveraged existing functions and made it much easier. The second change is about fetching blog comments more than 1 page. Live Space switched the way of paging comments between Ajax and non-Ajax several times. In the early versions of Live Space Mover I once successfully “decoded” some Ajax functions of Live Space by watching the Ajax http traffic and guessing parameter meanings. That was fun but quite time-consuming, and also made the early Live Space Mover “full functional”. Then Live Space switched to non-Ajax way and my life was much easier for a long time. Recently Live Space used an Ajax way again but I had lost interests to waste time on this sh*t… So current Live Space Mover can’t fetch comments more than 1 page.

By the news there are 30 million live space users. I guess maybe 10% of them will move to That is still a large number. For Chinese bloggers who want to use a blog service which is not GFWed, self-hosted blog (WordPress or other blog app) would be the best but expensive choice, and is the best choice among free solutions AFAIK.

Upgraded to WordPress 3.0

It’s a good reason for me to start blogging again, lol.

Admin look&feel changed a little bit, haven’t seen any significant improvements.

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