Programmers can’t tell Halloween from Christmas

Because Halloween is October 31th and Christmas is December 25th, and

          Oct(al) 31 "equals" Dec(imal) 25

That’s a good joke, and I was surprised that I hadn’t known it after learning CS for so many years…
Oh, I read this joke from the interesting book "Expert in C". It’s originally from the great book "The Art of Computer Programming" by Knuth….

I began to read a book named

Because I found that my C programming experience is really scarce. Especially when I have got quite used to thinking in the way of Object-Oriented, Java and software engineer.  I drew out too many requirements for my program, but I don’t know how to implement it in C…. That made me kind of uncomfortable.

Oh…I almost forgot why I began writing this post. This book is so funny that I can’t help laughing at times. hahaha.