Live Space Mover Updated to Ver 1.1

Thanks for Susan Shao, a Chinese girl who lives in Canada and has a live space with really a lot of posts :) She reported a problem that the program will crash when there is an article with empty title. I fixed it. And because there are over 150 posts on her live space, it […]

Live Space Mover 1.0 !

I finally updated this script to Version 1.0, which means it’s somewhat practical now :) The most significant change of this version is to use fetch-export-import strategy instead of the old fetch-post one. In the earlier versions, MetaWeblog interface is used to send posts to WordPress, and an additional php file is required to transfer […]


使用Picasa也有一点时间了,挺喜欢用的,感觉整理照片非常方便,独特的操作方式背后算是蕴含着一种理念吧。这里简单写点儿我使用的方法,班门弄斧,希望有更多的人能enjoy这个软件。PicasaWeb是和Picasa配套的网络相册,对于我这样的纯傻瓜拍照来说,用它来共享照片给朋友看也就足够了。 文中图片如果看不清的话请点击看大图。

Embed PicasaWeb Album in WordPress, XHTML 1.0 Compatible

It’s quite convenient that Google PicasaWeb released the new feature of embedding album by flash. But the same as some other places in PicasaWeb, the codes it gives out aren’t XHTML 1.0 compatible, either… Though it’s not a big deal and I know someone thinks w3c standards stupid, I would like my own blog in […]

Live Space Mover Ver 0.9

I finally finished this version! And enable this small script to move COMMENTS ~ of the holy sh*t live space……. It took much longer than I estimated. The web design of Live Space really sucks… I had to do a lot of “hacking” work to retrieve comments correctly. So I added the version number a […]