My Wii, My play

I saw my Wii package on the floor as soon as I returned from my hiking last Saturday. It’s a big box! I opened the box and assembled the machine extremely fast, then began to play Wii Sports with riki. HAHA
I had played Wii Sports before, however, this time I was playing on my own Wii. So I could play it more carefully and try to find out the technical things inside it. Actually, this is a wonderful game, maybe the best game on Wii for most people, which can attract everyone in a few minutes and bring the party laughter and merriness.

There are five games in Wii Sports.

Tennis : At first I thought this would be the favorite game of  riki’s, because we played some tennis games in China. But the technical part of this game seems to be a little hard to master (swing controller earlier for hitting the ball to left, and later for right), so we played it for a few rounds and decided to practice it later. Anyway, this game was popular on party and you can swing your arms comfortably in this game.

Baseball : Baseball game was loved so much by some of my friends who played real baseball. And the rules are simplified so much that even someone who doesn’t know about baseball can easily enjoy it. It’s a pretty good feeling to hit a HOMERUN ;P

Golf : riki’s and my favorite game now… We played it all last Sunday evening. Golf is such a gentle game, needing accurate calculating, power controlling, and strategy making. In fact riki is considering to buy another golf game on Wii….Quote a sentence from the review of that game on GameSpots : " Golf and the Wii’s motion-sensing capabilities seem like a match made in heaven."

Bowling : Easy and interesting. We played a few rounds and I won all. Pay attention to avoid throwing out controller during this game…

Boxing : Obviously the most crazy game among the five. Fighting each other on party would be very hot. And if you want to use Wii for fitness, boxing is definitely a good choice…

Besides, there are some fancy small training games in Wii Sports. It would be a challenging thing to achieve all gold medals in these games. So I think only Wii Sports is enough to play for a long time.

And Zelda….It’s a great game in the history. It grasps the essence of  "game". I give this series all my respect….

So, Luna, if you want to buy a Wii, don’t forget to buy a remote controller and a nunchuk controller addtionally. About games, Wii sports has been included in the system, it’s your free choice whether to buy other games. The price without tax would be 250(System)+40(remote)+20(nunchuk)