Live Space Mover V1.7

This is another maintainence release because of the recent updates of live space. However the code changes are a little bit more than I expected, for the weird time format. Fortunately they stopped to use Ajax for paging comments, so I can get rid of some really magical/complicated/confusing lines.

In this version (and versions in the future, probably), there are some limitations for comments, including:

  1. can’t get the accurate time of comments, sometimes even incorrect;
  2. can’t get the email and url of comment authors.

These are both due to the ridiculous design of Live Space. If you have any idea about how to solve these 2 problems, please let me know.

Live Space Mover Updated to 1.4

Converted unicode numbers (in category name, entry title and comment author) to unicode string. The bug of duplicate categories in WP 2.3 was solved by this.

Homepage of Live Space Mover     Download Page on Google Code

For a Chinese characer “游”, its unicode number is 28216. It might be represented in HTML as “游”, the browser is able to recognize and convert it. It’s unicode codes are 6e38, in python, represented as a unicode char u’\u6e38′. To convert a unicode number to unicode char, in python, use the function “unichr”.