Embed PicasaWeb Album in WordPress, XHTML 1.0 Compatible

It’s quite convenient that Google PicasaWeb released the new feature of embedding album by flash. But the same as some other places in PicasaWeb, the codes it gives out aren’t XHTML 1.0 compatible, either… Though it’s not a big deal and I know someone thinks w3c standards stupid, I would like my own blog in […]

Post Levels and Terong Related Links conflict

Just now I found there are some conflicts between Post Levels and Terong Related Links . Though I don’t think too many people are using these two plugins together, I decided to write it down. Actually a filter function called “postlevels_query” in Post Levels is very tricky and buggy, the comment of that function claims […]

写了一个tag cloud的widget……

具体效果见页面右边的那个小tag cloud咯。。 因为开始用Ultimate Tag Warrior了,这个tag插件功能强大但是好像显示方面还不够傻瓜,比如我就没找到怎么加一个tag cloud到sidebar的傻瓜方法。郁闷之下干脆拿Google Search Widget的代码改了一个Tag Cloud Widget出来……php这玩意儿写起来确实简单