利用了一些原来Live Space Mover的代码,所以代码还是Python的。Code放在

应用放在Google App Engine上了,用起来应该会比较简单。访问



Live Space Mover Updated to Ver 1.1

Thanks for Susan Shao, a Chinese girl who lives in Canada and has a live space with really a lot of posts :) She reported a problem that the program will crash when there is an article with empty title. I fixed it.

And because there are over 150 posts on her live space, it takes a pretty long time to fetch all these posts. When I was trying, there was always some network error during the process, then I had to download all the stuff from the very beginning again. This was bad, and inspired me to integrate the new “cache-and-resume” functionality into the Live Space Mover. It’s not hard to implement, but makes this program cool~

Live Space Mover Ver 0.9

I finally finished this version! And enable this small script to move COMMENTS ~ of the holy sh*t live space…….

It took much longer than I estimated. The web design of Live Space really sucks… I had to do a lot of “hacking” work to retrieve comments correctly. So I added the version number a lot :P from 0.2 to 0.9 ~

I have uploaded source codes to its svn, will update the documentation tonight.

Surely I have moved all my Live Space comments here, hoho. I’m happy with that :D