Live Space Mover Updated to 1.4

Converted unicode numbers (in category name, entry title and comment author) to unicode string. The bug of duplicate categories in WP 2.3 was solved by this.

Homepage of Live Space Mover     Download Page on Google Code

For a Chinese characer “游”, its unicode number is 28216. It might be represented in HTML as “游”, the browser is able to recognize and convert it. It’s unicode codes are 6e38, in python, represented as a unicode char u’\u6e38′. To convert a unicode number to unicode char, in python, use the function “unichr”.

Live Space Mover Updated to Ver 1.1

Thanks for Susan Shao, a Chinese girl who lives in Canada and has a live space with really a lot of posts :) She reported a problem that the program will crash when there is an article with empty title. I fixed it.

And because there are over 150 posts on her live space, it takes a pretty long time to fetch all these posts. When I was trying, there was always some network error during the process, then I had to download all the stuff from the very beginning again. This was bad, and inspired me to integrate the new “cache-and-resume” functionality into the Live Space Mover. It’s not hard to implement, but makes this program cool~