Live Space Mover 1.0 !

I finally updated this script to Version 1.0, which means it’s somewhat practical now :)

The most significant change of this version is to use fetch-export-import strategy instead of the old fetch-post one. In the earlier versions, MetaWeblog interface is used to send posts to WordPress, and an additional php file is required to transfer comments. This way suffered by some points:

  1. MetaWeblog interface doesn’t support proxy, or say, I don’t know how to support..
  2. Uploading an additional php file isn’t such a good idea, not possible sometimes
  3. User needs to provide user name, password, etc — a lot of parameters

Now the procedure becomes much intuitive. Just tell this script your live space address, it will fetch all stuff and save them as an XML file. Then use the import function of WordPress to upload and import this XML file. Much better and looks solid, right? :)

Wish more people use it, and dump the sh*t live space….