PicasaWeb Host Domain Changed

Several days ago I found that my pictures shown with Picasa Web Matrix plugin on blog were gone. At first I thought it was fault of PicasaWeb, because fetching the RSS link in Firefox will return a “400 Bad Request” error. But today I noticed I can still receive friends’ picture updates from PicasaWeb in Google Reader… And the RSS link in IE works well actually. So I guess the problem is on the plugin.

After a few minutes’ examination, the problem is uncovered. In the codes of Picasa Web Matrix plugin, a regular expression with “google” is used from matching the image src value, but PicasaWeb appears to just changed its host domain name from “google.com” to “ggpht.com”…. So, simply change this line

preg_match(‘/http:\/\/.*\.google\..*\/([^.]*\.(jpg|png|gif))/i’, $photos[$count][‘thumbURL’], $picasaWebSlugMatches);


preg_match(‘/http:\/\/.*\.ggpht\..*\/([^.]*\.(jpg|png|gif))/i’, $photos[$count][‘thumbURL’], $picasaWebSlugMatches);

and the photos are back again :)