Broadway on Broadway

We went to “Broadway on Broadway” free concert last weekend. It was a public show in Time Square, right at the cross of 46 St and Broadway. The performers are all from broadway musicals, basically one song for each show. There are more than 10 songs this year.

We arrived there 10 minutes before the show started. It was quite crowded already, and we could only stand by the TKTS glass stairs. From that place we could barely see the stage, but had to watch LCD screens all around us. The streets and audience area got much much more crowded after the show officially began, because so many passengers and tourists stopped for it. This is how it looks

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The TKTS stairs are actually a good spot to watch the show. But at first it is only open to some people. I guess they were members or bought some ticket. After the show started for about 10 minutes, the staff began to let other people in because there was still lots of space on those stairs and probably no one will buy ticket anymore. We were pretty lucky and got 2 seats :)

The show was very nice. It’s not an anytime opportunity to take a peek of lots of famous musicals on the stage. Though most performers are not wearing the costume, and the stage was not specially designed, it’s still a quite different experience to watch them there than on YouTube. I mean, much better. It’s a smart advertising way.

One of the most impressive shows that day for me was “MoTown”. It’s about to hit the stage in NYC in 2013 spring, so now it’s just a preview. The black girl singers and dancers were so energetic and vivid. It’s not easy to stay immune to their radiant performance, if possible. “Once” and “Spiderman” seem targeting teenagers. The female singer of “Scandalous” has an amazing voice. “Mamma Mia” and “Chicago” are 2 shows I watched,  which I still recommend.

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