Microsoft Natal

You have to see this! The future of games! (请翻墙)


  1. 嗯. 有道理!! My mind stayed at 20 years ago when parents hide controllers to prevent us from playing. :P

    1. @Luna Don’t be afraid, you won’t be cracked as long as you don’t buy one, hah. And.. remote control is for parent control??? This is the first time I heard of this… Game machines nowadays allow parents to set password ;)
      @fishy 据称多了深度信息,加上自己的CPU,应该可以做比较准确的3D动作捕捉了。就看游戏做得怎样了。

  2. OMG…. HOW? Install a sensor on human???

    This is stupid… soon or later we humans will turn into robots!


    Instead of going outside and be with the mother nature, kids will stay home play tennis, soccer, roller blades. How boring and how anti social!

    I totally against it! The remote control is for parenting restrictions as well, so without a remote control, what would the parents do? Lock your hands and tie you up??? Come ON!!!

  3. 看起来还是比eye toy进步了不少的,识别精度很nb的样子,eye toy的识别效果据说基本是没法玩


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