Snow, Prospect Park Lake

It was snowing yesterday. We went to Prospect Park to check snow view. Prospect Park is pretty famous in Brooklyn, designed by the same designer of Manhattan Central Park.

Last summer I came to Prospect Park once with Gregory, for a musical event in memorial of Michael Jackson. There was a huge grass field, loud music and dancing crowds.

This time is a totally different view. Xw and I entered from a small gate from west. Soon we hit a big lake with countless birds. There are wild geese, wild ducks, seagulls, a kind of small black bird, even some swans! Those birds are not afraid of people. When we walk close to the water, some birds swam to us too. Maybe they thought we were going to feed them. I felt sorry we didn’t bring any food. Most birds are comfortable for us to get as close as 1 meter. When we approached even closer, they walked away too. Seems 1 meter is their “safe distance”.

Lots of kids were playing on slopes in the park. Riding various “snow boards” to slide down, laughing and screaming. We saw some kids sit or laid in small “carts” and fathers were dragging them in the park, very cute.


上周末去了纽约市的Bronx动物园,照片在这里。这个动物园的亮点是老虎和World of Birds。在鸟世界我看到了从小在书上看过的天堂鸟,还看到两只天堂鸟在跳舞,大概就是求偶吧。嗯,不过除了照片也没有太多好说的。这篇主要说一下看到的一个猫抓鸟的知识,就是下面这张照片。

From Bronx Zoo



  • “给猫系铃铛就可以保护鸟” - 错!鸟不会把铃声当作警示。
  • “猫只会抓鸟来玩,不会杀死鸟” -错!没有这回事。即使鸟逃跑了也有可能失去羽毛甚至严重受伤。
  • “吃饱的猫就不会抓鸟了” -错!吃饭和捕猎是相互独立的原始欲望,吃饱了的猫照样会去抓鸟。



  • 系铃铛没问题,猫照样可以抓鸟。
  • 喂饱猫也没问题,还是可以抓鸟。
  • 外国的猫真幸福。