Snow, Prospect Park Lake

It was snowing yesterday. We went to Prospect Park to check snow view. Prospect Park is pretty famous in Brooklyn, designed by the same designer of Manhattan Central Park.

Last summer I came to Prospect Park once with Gregory, for a musical event in memorial of Michael Jackson. There was a huge grass field, loud music and dancing crowds.

This time is a totally different view. Xw and I entered from a small gate from west. Soon we hit a big lake with countless birds. There are wild geese, wild ducks, seagulls, a kind of small black bird, even some swans! Those birds are not afraid of people. When we walk close to the water, some birds swam to us too. Maybe they thought we were going to feed them. I felt sorry we didn’t bring any food. Most birds are comfortable for us to get as close as 1 meter. When we approached even closer, they walked away too. Seems 1 meter is their “safe distance”.

Lots of kids were playing on slopes in the park. Riding various “snow boards” to slide down, laughing and screaming. We saw some kids sit or laid in small “carts” and fathers were dragging them in the park, very cute.


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