Hello, Flux

After leaving FreeWheel and playing hide-and-seek with bears in Glacier National Park for a week, I’d joined two ex-FreeWheelers (Nick and Max) to co-found a startup called Flux. Flux aims to help enterprise better understand talents and internal needs, to increase internal mobility. Our own stories led to this idea. I changed jobs six times […]


自己转载一下,现场是用中文讲的,内容有不少出入。更多人的发言稿请看这里。 FreeWheel is my first job, and I have been working here for almost 3 years. Before joining here, I did internships at five other companies, including huge ones such as IBM and Bosch as well as small start-ups. Experiences with various companies told me I should work in a good start-up, and FreeWheel is […]

Morgan Stanley的笔试

今天早晨去参加了赫赫有名的摩根斯坦利IT部门的笔试。他们的题挺全面的,大概涉及了C,C++,C#,Java,概率,数据库,操作系统这些方面,不过不要求全部答,基本上把自己会的都答了就行了。 比较汗的是遇到了blog里面写过的这个题目 。。这题的答案是应该更改原来的选择,只要分别计算一下更改和不更改的成功概率就可以了。