Watching NCAA March Madness Online

Due to work reason, I was watching NCAA basketball match on iPad, iPhone and Nexus S, at the same time…

iPad and iPhone have HD streams. Video quality is awesome on these 2 platforms. The experience of watching it on iPad is almost as good as watching on TV, thanks to the nice screen. But the quality on Android is really poor. It is so pixelated that you can’t even read the scores!

In the online video streaming market, iOS devices are absolutely dominating. Android hardware and OS are too fragmented, and most Android devices are low-end. So no one wants to spend much development effort to build video streaming service for Android. This NCAA Android app is built on Flash. Even on Nexus S, a model pushed to market one year ago, its performance isn’t good enough to support HD streaming.

A few days ago I tried YouTube Android app on Acer ICONIA A500 tablet. It crashes and hangs very often, though this is supposed to be the best video app on Android.

In conclusion, if you want to watch some video on mobile/tablet, stay away from Android for now.

GGXX AC的视频片段



今天看到了一个做的很好的ggxx ac的mtv预告,是演示anji这个角色的。这个预告片段只有短短一分钟左右,不过动作和音乐节奏合得很好,演示的东西也比较有趣,anji本身的连段又比较好看。我一连看了好几遍,觉得很不错,把它传到Youtube上了。不玩格斗游戏也可以看一下这个mtv,很漂亮的。