Some Patterns in Dixit

Dixit has been a really popular party game since we came to US. On New Years Eve I taught some American to play that. It was a bit tough to explain this game to them, especially about how to score. However, the interesting part is how they put together the “word”. One of them said an artist name, because the picture is related to the most famous art of this artist. This is a working way, as long as someone knows the artist, but not very fun. Because it turns the fun game to a knowledge contest.

So I started to think about a question: what common patterns do ppl use in Dixit? Here is my list.

  • Overall feeling. “Cold”, “Dark”, “Lonely”, etc. Novice choices. Not very interesting.
  • Trivial places. Small part in a messy picture, count of something, etc. Not very interesting either, usually used when can’t think of something better.
  • Background. Build a story around one picture, then say something about your story. Needs powerful imagination!
  • Twist. This is a really fun way. Basically it is your “very own, very special” understanding of a picture. For example a pink bell may make you think of a condom?
  • Connection. A unicorn can be connected to fairy tale? fairy tale connects to Denmark? Multiple levels of connection could lead to unexpected result..

What else pattern do you have?

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