Between 2011 and 2012

I can still clearly remember that dinner with Diane and lxl during my first travel to NYC. It was a nice Japan restaurant, semi-basement, cozy and decent. We ordered fresh sea urchin, very delicious. Part of that table talk was about China and US, pros and cons, typical topic among Chinese ppl, too big that no one can convince others with different opinions. In the discussion I suddenly threw out a sentence: “Anyway, we should try hard to get the next generation born in US.” A short silence. It seems everyone agreed for a moment. No matter how much you love the country, how much you’re used to the food and the society, when decide for your own baby, it brings up an “objective” and “ultimate” choice.

The opportunity came fast in a very unexpected way. In Sep I got the news and the position. At the end of Sep I flied back to China, did the wedding ceremonies in my hometown and xw’s hometown, in a rush. Then flied back to Beijing. Got the visa. Sold everything, from game consoles to mattress, from tables to chairs. Finished not-so-pleasant bargaining with the subleaser b****. Sent bobo (my cat) to a friend of xw’s friend and hopefully I’ll bring her to US on my next travel. Lived in a friend’s place for the last 2 weeks before flying to US. Looked for apartments in NYC remotely by riki’s help. Everything happened so fast and I had been excited and anxious until we finally got a place in Brooklyn and bought some furnitures in.

I can’t say this is all for my 2011. Xw and I had a great travel to Japan. We held countless board game parties in our home, on the great big table :) And we went to IKEA so many times, and installed so many stuff in that place… However, moving oversea should be the second big item… second to getting married, lol!

For 2012, I resolve to do a good job and live a good life.

It is 2012 in China now and still 2011 in US. I’m going to push the “publish” button and play Skyrim for a while, will attend a cross-year party tonight. See you in 2012, if the world is still there!


  1. I had the same question as fishy….until I saw your answer. LOL~

    You had a busy end of 2011! Hope 2012 is a smooth and successful one. :)

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